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TSA/403b/457/403(b) Church Plan

DJPuff Advisors Group, Inc. and GWN Securities, Inc. are recognized for their knowledge in the TSA/403(b)/457/403(b) Church Plan marketplace, as well as providing state-of-the art systems with client-driven administration.

DJPuff Advisors Group, Inc. employs a client centered approach to retirement planning. The frame work outlines the process of wealth accumulation, retirement income, asset preservation and transfer. That coupled with ease of access is essential to our basic strategy.

DJPuff Advisors Group, Inc. offers specialized services for organizations and individuals that/who qualify to contribute to plans established under IRS Code Section 403(b)/457/403(b) Church Plans.

Some of our TSA/403(b)/457 services include:

  • Written Plan and Plan Administration
  • Direct Payroll Deduction to Common Remitter
  • Unified Custodial Account
  • Contribution Increases/Decreases
  • Custom Designed Investment Portfolio Management

If you would like to learn more about the TSA/403(b)/457403(b) Church Plan services available through DJPuff Advisors Group, Inc., call our office today!