About Us

DJ Puff Advisors Group

Our focus is on asset accumulation through individual and employer/group retirement plans for small businesses, non-profit organizations & education professionals. Subsequently, asset preservation is acheived through advanced directives, which include wills, trusts, POAs, and medicaid protection strategies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to forge a close personal working relationship with you. This relationship will be the foundation upon which we will build an efficient and effective financial plan designed to meet your life goals. We are committed to the individual needs of our clients and will never abuse the privileged client-advisor relationship.

Our Philosophy

Many Advisors stress rate of return as the most important factor when investing. While rate of return is very important, time is far more reliably predictable. In 21st Century America, an individual’s life expectancy is significantly greater than it was 75 years ago.  

Accumulation of wealth is a matter of time, patience and consistency. 

“It is impossible to predict the future. Some things are inevitable, some are possible and some are highly unlikely. Our goal, is to help you achieve and maintain financial independence by mitigating the consequences of the inevitable and possible through individualized planning, without relying on the unlikely. Competent and effective professional planning will temper most of life’s financial variables. It is our belief that professional guidance is an essential ingredient in a successful financial plan.” - Don Puff

Our Process

The combination of effective data gathering, in a stress-free and personal meeting fosters the establishment of a sound working relationship. This relationship is the foundation of a successful financial plan.

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Do you want to trust your financial future to the next available representative?- Don Puff